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My Dream Vacation

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Skrevet af Magnus.

My Dream Vacation

I would love to go L.A (Los Angeles). I will go there for 3 weeks so I have plenty of time to visit all the places I would like to see. I would like to see some of the casinos, because it would be great to win a million dollars. I would spend the million dollars in Disneyland. Here I would try some roller coasters, and buy a lot of hamburgers and sodas. After that I would like to visit "Rap fyr i L.A" ’s home. If you don’t know who "Rap fyr i L.A" is then he’s a guy played by Will Smith. Everything is bigger in the USA, even the computer stores. I would like to see a big computer store. I still have some moneys monies in my pocket and I want to spend them on a big motherfucker computer! After that i I would say hello to Albert Soap, and then I would go back to Denmark!

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